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KLINGERSIL® C-4240: Innovative gasket for drinking water

KLINGERSIL C-4240 innovative drinking water gasket meets all requirements of the Elastomer Guideline. ✓ NBR rubber-reinforced with cellulose fiber ✓ Up to 85°C

With the KLINGERSIL® C-4240 gasket sheet, KLINGER Dichtungstechnik is introducing a new product for drinking water installations that meets all the criteria of the new Elastomer Guideline.

The pioneering role in and of itself is nothing new for the KLINGER Dichtungstechnik team, after all, they were the first to offer asbestos-free gaskets. Another innovation is now finding its way into the Gumpoldskirchen portfolio: The first fiber-reinforced flat gasket for drinking water that meets the strict requirements of the new Elastomer Guidelines of the German Federal Environment Agency comes from KLINGER Dichtungstechnik.


Game-Changer Elastomerleitlinie

The Elastomer Guideline severely restricts the list of raw materials that can be used for gaskets that come into contact with drinking water. Many certificates will expire at the end of 2021. “There were repeated indications that changes were coming with regard to drinking water, but delays and interim solutions caused a great amount of uncertainty,” reports Norbert Weimer, Manager of KLINGER Germany.

The KLINGER Dichtungstechnik team put out their feelers early on, gathering information from interest groups and other channels and correctly interpreted the signs of the times. This allowed them to get started developing the KLINGERSIL® C-4240 gasket sheet for the drinking water sector. This innovative product meets all the requirements of the new Elastomer Guideline and will be available for every drinking water application already in September 2021.

The first prototypes were made a good two and a half years ago, after a thorough analysis of which raw materials may and may not be used. “The list is quite short and only contains raw materials that have been rated as safe by testing institutes. Many of the raw materials that were previously used are now prohibited,” explains Stephan Piringer, Head of Development at KLINGER Dichtungstechnik.

After thorough analysis and extensive testing, KLINGER Dichtungstechnik developed the new gasket material KLINGERSIL® C-4240.

Put the test

The team even submitted a raw material for evaluation. Then a composition was developed and prototyping started:

The prototype was subjected to various endurance tests for an entire year and meticulously examined for residues in specialized, independent laboratories.“

Stephan Piringer, Head of Product Development at KLINGER Dichtungstechnik

The tests lasted approximately one year and included wet chemical procedures to ensure the gasket is safe to use in drinking water applications. The approval phase, which lasts for almost a year, was also planned carefully to ensure the product can be offered in good time before the certificates for many drinking water products expire.

Not every competitor has the infrastructure, the capacities and the know-how to develop such a product. The manufacturing process with these new materials is more complex and time intensive. The rollers have to turn more slowly because the chemicals that are now used do not harden as quickly.

KLINGERSIL® C-4240 was specially developed for drinking water applications and is certified in accordance with the new Elastomer Guideline until March 2026.

Did you know that the new drinking water gasket KLINGERSIL® C-4240 ...

» … is made of robust NBR rubber reinforced with cellulose fiber?

» … is deliberately produced without the addition of color pigments?

» ... has already received a certificate in accordance with the new Elastomer Guideline that is valid
       until March 2026?

» ... is suitable for applications with cold and hot water up to a temperature of 85°C?

» ... demonstrably has no influence on the taste, smell or other properties of the drinking water?

A large group of users

KLINGER Dichtungstechnik sells the gasket sheets to small and large stamping companies as well as to technical distributors. There is a wide range of users: wherever drinking water is involved, such gaskets are required. This affects manufacturers of components for drinking water installations such as house water filters, pressure reducers, water meters, etc. as well as installation companies, hardware stores and operators of large drinking water treatment, storage and pumping systems.

Stephan Piringer, Head of Product Development at KLINGER Dichtungstechnik
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
» Why are the requirements for drinking water installations changing?
This is due to the European Drinking Water Directive, which every EU Member State has to implement. When translating the directive into their own national legislation, the Member States may also include additional higher standards that are relevant within their territory, for example on which materials may be used.
» What does the Elastomer Guideline of the German Federal Environment Agency say?
The Federal Environment Agency interprets the EU drinking water directive particularly strictly. While guidelines from other countries only use the finished product and analyze which residues it releases into the water, the Elastomer Guideline of the Federal Environment Agency also contains a list of acceptable raw materials for use in manufacturing. KLINGERSIL® C-4240 fulfills both aspects: Only certified ingredients are used in the production, and the gasket has no influence on the taste, smell, microbiological growth or chemical composition of the drinking water.
» What versions of the KLINGERSIL® C-4240 are available?
The new KLINGERSIL® C-4240 gasket sheet is available in thicknesses of 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm. It meets the requirements for cold water (23°C) and hot water (85°C). The certificate is valid until March 2026, so users can install the gaskets in all their drinking water installations and devices with confidence.


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