Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Further News from KLINGER Dichtungstechnik


Drinking water is undeniably one of our most precious resources, yet regulations governing it remain largely national within the European Union.

Five years after the last Sealing Conference, we invited our international sales partners to a meeting in Vienna.

What does the proposed PFAS ban mean for the sealing industry? KLINGER Dichtungstechnik provides insight and perspective.

KLINGER India will offer gaskets for various industries ✓ Located in the Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor ✓ Polystrate and KLINGERSIL gaskets

KLINGER celebrates 40 years of its flagship gasket. KINGERSIL revolutionized the gasket market in 1982 thanks to aramid fibers instead of asbestos.

With its ISO 45001 certification, KLINGER Dichtungstechnik now offers its employees even more health and safety at work.

Barbara Köfinger is the new Commercial Manager at KLINGER Dichtungstechnik and KLINGER Germany.

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