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The product development of Rich. KLINGER Dichtungstechnik comprises static soft gasket materials such as fiber sheets, PTFE, graphite and mica. Operating from the business location Gumpoldskirchen, this department represents the central development competency of the company. Furthermore, thanks to its know-how, it is also responsible for the development of gasket products across the entire KLINGER Group.

Illustration of the production processes

Infrared spectroskopy of e.g. raw materials

The purpose-built "Technikum" mirrors actual production processes in dramatically reduced scale, down to the most-minute detail. Small and even the tiniest volumes as well as pilot series can be manufactured here and subsequently integrated into the on-site production area. A wide range of units such as mixers, agitators, calenders, mills, molding presses, extruders and various ovens for tempering, drying or sintering are available. As a testing facility, the "Technikum" provides, amongst others, microscopy, rheometry and photometry services as well as FTIR, TGA and mesh analyses.


Stereo microscope and corresponding sample preparation

Furthermore, the development department is responsible for intellectual property and closely collaborates with raw materials suppliers and the purchasing department of the KLINGER Group. A wide range of projects are carried out with universities and universities of applied science, the department thus also serves as a partner in education and therefore significantly contributes to the social responsibility of the company.

Innovation and development

A selection of raw materials from the complex recipes of KLINGERSIL® (elastomers, fibers, fillers, pigments etc.)

In terms of its primary activities, the product development of KLINGER Dichtungstechnik concentrates on a wide range of tasks: They include the selection and evaluation of suitable raw materials or the adaptation or development of new manufacturing methods and products. In this context, the department not only focuses on in-house products, but also develops specific solutions and products on the basis of individual customer requirements. Next to innovation and development, product approvals represent a further core competency of the department.

Product development references

Magnified illustration of the sponge-like cross section of KLINGER®top-chem 2000soft
  • KLINGERSIL® C-4240
  • KLINGER® Quantum with FDA approval
  • KLINGER® Thermica
  • KLINGER® CompenSil
  • KLINGER® top-chem2000soft
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