Chemical resistance assistant for KLINGER® sealing materials

The statement for KLINGER® sealing materials which will be received by the chemical resistance assistant concern just the chemical resistance of the materials against the chosen medium.
A warranty on the function of the gasket can not be given as the proper function of a sealing connection is dependent on many additional factors on which the manufacturer has no bearing.
A sufficient surface pressure is required in any case.

A continuative dimensioning of the sealing connection can be performed with the gasket calculation program KLINGER®expert which can be downloaded HERE.

Chemical resistance assistant:

The resistance assistant can be called online and is also as offline program available.

For Online-Mediaresistanceassistant:

For Offline-Program
Download installationfiles. In cases of no internet connection...


By clicking on "File -> Update" you can download Updates like new media, new materials, etc via the Internet as soon as you have an active Internet connection again.
With this feature it is possible to keep also the offline version of the chemical resistance asssistant up to date.